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We understand the complexities of designing and implementing successful software. Based on our experience, we have developed a set of flexible software packages that will help our customers to set up a winning business in the dark web.

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  • BTC.Cart


    BTC.Cart is a simple to use, fast and easy to modify BITCOIN ready shopping cart. You will have no problem adapting it to your needs and starting your own dark web online shop.

  • BTC.Pay


    BTC.Pay is a BITCOIN payment system that can be used both as stand alone both as a payment gateway for any already existing web site. It doesn't need any third part payment engine.

  • BTC.Bundle


    BTC.Bundle gives you the opportunity to use the full benefits of both the BTC software (BTC.Cart + BTC.Pay). Just unpack it in your web server and it is ready to be used.

  • DWS.vChat

    DarkWeb.Chat1.jpg is an unique chat allowing you to visually guide your customers on the site. You can select any element in the web site and show it to the user just with few clicks. A powerfull tool to dramatically increase your web site sells!

  • DWS.phpCounter


    DWS.phpCounter is an easy to use "unique visitor" counter coded to be used in the dark web. It relays on the visitor session instead the user IP address because, as everybody knows, in the dark web the user IP address is hidden and not available.

  • DWS.httpServer


    DWS.httpServer is a portable web server for any Microsoft Windows System. It has been configured to be easily used in the dark Web. It does not need any installation, just unpack it and run it. Tor and PHP 5.6 are already included and configured.

  • DWS.ChatService


    DWS.ChatService is a FREE service that you can use to implement a chat with operator for your web site in a fast and easy way.

  • DWS.CounterService


    DWS.CounterService is a FREE service that you can use to create a pages/visitors counter on your web site in a fast and easy way.